High tech garage

In my mind I develop so many times plans for my future house and garage. People and their magination are enormous and especially rich people spend lots of money on their homes for cars. You can see that their garages are almost their living rooms. They are extra cosy for their favorite expensive cars. Technology helps for building these garages. Some examples are big garages doors that opens remotely and after car gets in closes automatically. There is example of garage in garden. Literaly soil in the garden lifts up and car goers in that space and after that garage goes down and you can see that in that place is never existed car or someting else, it is plain walking trail. At my firm there is elevator garage, you simply drive car on this elevator and with your card ID starts garage. Garage lifts down car and parks it, it is pretty nice to watch process. Big car industry factories have this type of garages also. Often they use them for museum cars.


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